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Why make the Switch to Raw?

Updated: May 22, 2019

I was on a roller coaster of sick cats with constant diarrhea, vomiting and severe asthma. Some of my furfamily were living on anti diarrhea and probiotic pastes like Pro Pectalin to control the constant loose, bloody and sometimes uncontrolled diarrhea.

We saw multiple vets who prescribed countless different foods and medications, yet nothing helped. Then during a conversation with a breeder while looking to add a new hybrid kitten to our family, they mentioned how important it was that this kitten was fed only a Raw Diet. She took the time to patiently explain the types of problems that would occur if he were fed commercially processed foods and how cats continue to decline over time, no matter what treatments they receive on commercial foods.

Petsncharge, Savannah Cat Lancelot

These were the same issues that had been plaguing my family till now and it all led back to the same place, DIET!

The breeder recommended the raw diet that she followed, and she encouraged me to research raw diets and find one that was easy for me to feed my whole furfamily and still nutritionally complete.

I took a leap of faith and made the switch to raw.

It took almost three (3) months to make the switch fully, since our family was brand new. Read our how to transition to raw if you are ready to make the switch.

It was worth the wait, at the end of the 3 months we were healthier, happier and up one new hybrid kitten, Lancelot.

The benefits of raw

Let's face it, commercial cat food stinks!

The first and most noticeable change switching to raw was the smell. Raw food itself doesn't smell bad and subsequently the litter boxes had less odor as well, since a raw diet has no filler content.

Then the most remarkable thing happened, my cat with asthma stopped wheezing. Goodbye costly bi-weekly trips to the vet for nebulizer treatments!

The help didn't stop there, by the time we completed the transition to raw we no longer needed the anti-diarrheal and vomiting was almost non-existent.

My once plump kitties were now well muscled and proportioned, happy with beautiful shiny coats.

Still the biggest shock came during their annual checkups at the vet. Some of our cats had been on commercial food for almost 12 years and before transitioning all of my cats needed yearly dental cleaning to remove tartar buildup, some twice a year. These cleanings come along with a hefty price tag and I prepared myself for yet another giant vet bill. This time my vet checked everyone’s teeth and to our amazement no cleanings were needed, goodbye giant vet bill!

Your common sense guide to raw

I've continued my research into raw food diets speaking with numerous veterinarians and raw food distributors. I've discovered that just like people, not all pets are the same and their diets shouldn't be either. I've developed the Sustainable Nutritionally Accurate Carnivore (SNAC) diet to be adjustable to meet your unique pet's life-stage and dietary needs. This series of articles will introduce you to:

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