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All about the Pets'n'charge

Welcome pet parents, I'm Lena, and I've worked with many types of animals since the 1970s. My hands-on experience ranges from training horses and being certified by the BHS in 1985, to rescuing and rehabilitating feral cats or training and socializing dogs and competing in pet shows. This experience has provided me with a well-rounded library of knowledge that is both learned and intuitive.

Meet our Family - Purs

I have developed a unique and insightful approach to animal behavior, especially cats who do not fit into typical models and need to be viewed more individualistically. Yes, your furbaby is indeed special.

Meet our Family - Wuffs

I am here to help you and your pets live healthy and harmonious lives by answering the many common questions pet parents like you have every day.

Remember, you are not alone, and if I don't have the answers, we can find them... together.

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