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Step 5: Align and Attach Exits

Since exits need to be placed at the best angle to allow for water run-off, I recommend that you do a test run before using adhesives. I run this test on each shelter, since there are always slight variations from project to project.

  1. Apply a thin layer of Phenoseal on the inside foam core of the left hole you drilled. If some gets onto the outer wall of the cooler, don't worry we will use that in the next step.

  2. Insert one of the 6” PVC pipes from the outside

  3. Adjust the pipe so that it is aligned to a good angle to allow for water run-off.

  4. Push the pipe through the exterior of the cooler wall so that it is just over flush with the interior wall of the cooler, use the Rubber mallet to ensure a snug fit.

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