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Step 3: Mark and Drill Pilot Holes

A term you will see often is on center. In building and DIY terms, measuring from the center of one object to the center of another. This is commonly used for framing and in floor plans. It's important here since we drill holes early in the project and add the counterparts later.Using an on center measurement provides a reference to previous steps, without backtracking. In this step, the pilot holes and screws are 8" (inches) on center to the exit holes. This will match the snaps we put on the flaps in step 11.

  1. Open the cooler lid, grab your sharpie and a ruler.

  2. Looking inside the cooler, mark two pilot holes at each exit. - The horizontal measurement should be centered on the exit holes, 8” on center - The vertical measurement should be 1” up from the bottom of the cooler.

  3. Attach the small bit to your drill.

  4. Drill the pilot holes on your marks.

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