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Step 10: Cut the Strips in the Flaps

After experimenting with different designs, the ½” strips have been the most well received. I highly recommend using a rotary tool on a fabric or cutting board to cut the strips.

Each strip should measure ½” wide for a total of twenty (20) strips per flap.
  1. Lay a flap on your fabric or cutting board.

  2. Pick one side to be the top edge of your flap, measure and mark 1" down from the actual edge across the flap.

  3. Measure and mark out the strips for the flap. Each strip measures ½” wide starting at the top edge. There should be a total of twenty (20) strips per flap.

  4. Using the rotary tool, utility knife or fabric scissors cut the strips into the flap.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other three (3) flaps.

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